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About Reinkappkjøring

NM reindeer racing sprint has been held in Storgata in Tromsø since 2004. Participants in the NM must qualify through a selection process. The selection is made by the Sami Sports Federation SVL

These reindeer are specially trained for this sport and can reach a top speed of up to 60 km/h. Often it is so close between the reindeer that we have to use target photos that take up to 2000 frames per second to determine the winner. The sprint in reindeer racing is 201m long and the official world record is 14:96 seconds and is held by Anders Nils K. Eira from Karasjok.


Reindeer racingPrice
AdultNOK 200,-
Children under 16 years of ageFree of charge
Prices 2024

Tickets for the event can be purchased at Rødbanken the day before the race and the day of the race, or at the arena on race day. You can pay with VIPPS or card.

After Sami week

Photos and videos

We have photographers who take pictures for us during the race, both on the course and at the finish line. Since our photographers move around during the race, we cannot guarantee that we will get pictures of all the runners. The photos can be seen on our Facebook pages a few days after the race, when we are up to date.