6th of January 2024

PolarNight Marathon

Ishavskraft Marathon (42 km) • PolarNight Halfmarathon (21 km)
Mørketidsmila (10 km) • Mørketidstrimmen (5 km)

About the race

Join Norways’ biggest winter running race!

Experience the Polar Night with approximately 2000 runners from all over the world. The PolarNight Marathon takes place in the middle of the day, but at this time of year the sun never rises above the horizon. In the absence of the sun there will be darkness and the amazing display of colours that is so special for this time of year. If we are lucky with the weather you will be running under the  Northern lights (Aurora Borealis).

We offer four road races during the PolarNight Marathon and these are certified by AIMS.

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Start Mørketidsmila 2023

Distances and registration

Race Distance Age group Start time
Mørketidstrim – 6th January 2024 5 km Ingen aldersgrense 15:20
Mørketidsmila – 6th January 2024 10 km Fra 12 år 15:15
PolarNight Halfmarathon- 6th January 2024 21 km Fra 15 år 15:00
Ishavskraft Marathon- 6th January 2024 42,2km Fra 18 år 13:00

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