Info Midnight Sun Marathon

Before the race

Registration fee

Registration fees for our events vary depending on when you sign up and the distance you will be running. It pays to be early. The earlier you sign up, the lower the entry fee for our two biggest events.

DistanceEntry FeeFrom 01.02.2024From 03.05.2024From 01.06.2024
MarathonNOK 950,-NOK 1040,-NOK 1145,-NOK 1200,-
Mizuno Half MarathonNOK 655,-NOK 730,-NOK 835,-NOK 885,-
Coop MilaNOK 575,-NOK 600,-NOK 650,-NOK 700,-
Coop Mila (Coop Norway member)NOK 460,-NOK 480,-NOK 520,-NOK 560,-
iTromsø Minimarathon adultNOK 410,-NOK 440,-NOK 490,-
iTromsø Minimarathon adult (Coop Norway member)NOK 328,-NOK 352,-NOK 392,-
MSM Minimarathon u/16 y.o.NOK
NOK 340,-NOK 390,-
MSM Minimarathon u/16 y.o. (Coop Norway member)NOK 240,-NOK272,-NOK 312,-
Children's raceNOK 100,-NOK 150,-NOK 200,-
Prices 2024

Start number distribution, Information and MSM shop

The MSM secretary is located at Rødbanken in the center of Tromsø.

Opening hours

Friday 14:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00-02:00
Sunday 10:00-13:00

Start number distribution

Friday 14:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00 - approx. 30 minutes before the start
Please bring your ID and confirmation mail that you will receive approx. 2 weeks before the race.


Friday 14:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00-02:00

MSM shop:

Here we sell official clothing for Midnight Sun Marathon, produced by our partner Trimtex. Here you can pick up pre-ordered items and buy the entire collection.

Friday 14:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00-22:00

Start lists

Check if you are registered and who is running by viewing all start lists.

Age limits and class divisions

Age limits

Age limits
Children's race 0-11 years
4.2km no age limit
10km from 12 years
21.1kmfrom 15 years
42.2km from 18 years of age.
Age and class are determined by year of birth, not date of birth

Class classification Midnight Sun Marathon

Marathon, men/women:

Age is stated in years

Mizuno Half Marathon, men/women:

Age is stated in years

Coop Mila (10km), men/women:

Age is stated in years

MSM Mini Marathon (4.2km):
Children 0-11 years, all in one class. Men/women: 12-14 years, 15-17 years, 18 years and over.

Children's Marathon:
All in one class. Children from 0 to 11 years old can participate.

NOTE: Your age group is calculated based on your year of birth, not date. This means that if you turn 18 in the year you are running the marathon, you are old enough to participate.

Registered but unable to attend?

Your order is binding and non-refundable after purchase. Read our terms and conditions here

Transfers are only possible in the event of illness or injury confirmed by a medical certificate. An administration fee of NOK. 100,- must be paid, and a medical certificate must be sent to us no later than one week after the race. Link to transfer can be found here.

Change distance?

If you want to change the distance BEFORE we have assigned you a start number, you can send us an email at It is usually no problem to change to a shorter distance as long as we have available start numbers. We will refund the original registration when you buy a new one Registration.

If you want to change the distance AFTER we have assigned you a start number, you must first pick up your assigned start number, then refer you to the help desk in the start number distribution. Here you can change the distance if there are available start numbers.

On race day

Luggage storage

Storage of luggage for runners participating in the Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon and MSM-Mila (10km) takes place in Kulturhuset. Luggage must be marked with the number tag on the start number before handing it in. The start number is valid as a receipt upon delivery. Long queues form in the baggage storage before the start, so we encourage runners to drop off their luggage/clothes in good time. Please note that luggage is delivered at your own risk, and we will not replace any luggage/valuables that are lost during the race. Note: Clothes/items left in the start area will not be taken care of.

Shower, sauna & bathing

We have rented Gyllenborg School where you can shower. We recommend everyone to jump into the sea and take a sauna after finishing at Pust.

Dropping out and medical help

Tromsø Red Cross Auxiliary Corps has a station every 5 kilometers. They can provide medical assistance. If you have to stop the race, you must immediately notify a Red Cross guard post of your start number. Then, if necessary, you will be transported to the finish area. 

Drinking stations

There will be drink stations approximately every 5 km during the race. Water, Maxim sports drinks and bananas are served here. At the finish there is a drinking station at Rødbanken.

It is not allowed to get drinks/food from outside during the race.


There will be toilets available at some of the drinking stations and approximately every 5 km during the race. There will be toilets available at Kulturhuset before and after the race, but be aware that there are usually long queues just before the start.

Time limits and course markings

Marathon: 5 hours and 30 minutes
At Mizuno Half Marathon: 3 hours and 30 minutes

The goal portal closes at 02:00 at night.

There are markers for every kilometer on the marathon and half marathon, and the last five kilometers on the Mila. The markers count down. The first marker on the marathon will be 42 km, indicating that there are 42 km left to the finish. The next will be 41 km and so on downwards.

After the race


We have used different timing systems over the years. Results are therefore available in several different formats. See previous results.


Everyone who completes one of the distances will receive a medal at the finish. Prizes for the top 3 in each age group in the Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon, Coop Mila (10km) and MSM Mini Marathon. In addition, nice prizes will be drawn on start numbers.


For Marathon, there are cash prizes for the top 3 women and men with a finishing time under 2:55:00 for women and 2:30:00 for men.

  1. SEK 30,000,-
  2. kr 15.000,-
  3. SEK 10,000,-

If a new course record is set in the marathon, the runner will receive a prize of NOK 5,000.

Half marathon

Prizes for the 3 best women and men. Prizes for the top 3 in each age group. Please attend the prize giving if you are top 3 in your age group.

Coop Mila (10 km)

Prizes for the 3 best women and men. Prizes for the top 3 in each age group. Please attend the prize giving if you are top 3 in your age group.

iTromsø Mini Marathon

Prizes for the top 3 in each age group. Please attend the prize giving if you are top 3 in your age group.

Children's race

The 5 best costumes will be rewarded with free entrance to a TIL match at Romssa arena. This is decided by the committee consisting of TUIL Friidrett during the warm-up.

Prize ceremony

Prize giving for Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon is the day after the race (Sunday) at 13.00 at Festsalen in Rødbanken.

The prize-giving ceremony for Coop Mila is in Kirkeparken after the race - around 21:00.

The prize-giving ceremony for iTromsø Minimaraton is in Kirkeparken after the race - around 19:10. The top three in each age group over 12 years are awarded prizes. Children 0 - 11 years are not ranked.

The prize-giving ceremony for the Children's Marathon is in Kirkeparken immediately after the race - around 16:45. Everyone with a costume is entered into a draw for a costume prize.

Unclaimed prizes are not forwarded and accrue to MSM.

Photos from MSM

MarathonPhotos is our official partner providing photos, video and certificates from the race. They will take pictures of all runners at the finish line as well as having photographers out on the course. Photos can be ordered directly on their website. Remember to smile for the photographers at the finish line! We also have other photographers who take some pictures for us during the race, these are normally published on our Facebook a few days after the race, when we have caught up.