February 5 - 11, 2024

Sami week

Arctic winter market - Workshops - Sami language course - Concerts -
NM in lasso throwing - NM reindeer racing

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About the event

Sami Week is a yearly festival in Tromsø based on Sami culture, companies and sport and is organised together with the Sami national day which is February 6th. Midnight Sun Marathon has arranged Sami Week yearly since 2004. The event is an important meeting point for sami companies, artists, groups and athletes. Throughout the week we put together a varied program and thanks to all of our partners you can experience things like sami art and craft workshops workshops, book readings, debates, speaches, art and museum exhibitions, markets, concerts, videos and more. The week rounds off with the Norwegian championships in Reindeer racing which attracks thousands of people to town to see the fastest reindeer in the country race down the main street.

Over many years there has also been at winter market organised at Stortorget. The market has been an important place for producers of Duodji (sami art and craft). You can also purchase reindeer meat, dried reindeer meat and purchase traditional food from food trucks.

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