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Before Sami Week

About reindeer racing

The Norwegian Championships in Reindeer racing has been organised in the center of town in Tromsø since 2004.

These reindeer are trained for this purpose, and can reach a top speed up to 60km/hour. Often it is such a close race between the two reindeers racing against each other, that we have to the use finish photo who takes  2000 pictures per second to find out who the winner is! The sprint distance in reindeer racing is 201 meters, and the official world record of 14,96 seconds is held by Anders Nils K. Eira from Karasjok.


Reindeer racingPrice
AdultNOK 200,-
Children under 16 years oldFree
Priser 2024

You can buy tickets for the reindeer race at the Arctic market at Stortorget (main square) the day before the race. We also sell tickets at the arena on race day, but we advise you to purchase you tickets in advance to avoid queuing. You can pay by card, cash or by VIPPS (Norwegian app).

During Sami Week


The program and our social media will be constantly updated.

Arktisk Vintermarked

If you would like to book a place at our winter market you can do so here

After Sami Week

Photos & videoer

We have a photographer working for us during the race and these photos will be published on our Facebook-page a few days after the race.