Info PolarNight Marathon

Before race day

Prices for registration

The prices increase as we get closer to the event.

DistanceUntil 28.02.2023From 1.03.2023From 1.07.2023From 1.11.2023From 1.01.2024
Mørketidstrim (5 km)kr 350,-kr 400,-kr 450,-kr 500,-kr 600,-
Mørketidsmila (10 km)kr 500,-kr 550,-kr 600,-kr 700,-kr 800,-
PolarNight Half marathonkr 625,-kr 675,-kr 725,-kr 800,-kr 900,-
Ishavskraft Marathonkr 1.200,-kr 1.300,-kr 1.500,-kr 1500,-kr 1600,-
Priser 2023

Start number collection, help desk and shop

Opening hours

Friday     18:00-21:00
Saturday     11:00-18:00

Start number collection

Friday     18:00-21:00
Saturday     11:00- ca 30 minutter før start
Please bring your ID and confirmation e-mail you will recieve approximately 2 weeks before race start.


Friday     18:00-21:00
Saturday     11:00-17:00


Here we sell our official MSM collection producsed by our partner Trimtex. You can pick up pre-ordered clothes here.

Friday     18:00-20:00
Saturday     11:00-17:00

Age limits and classes

Age limits
5kmNo age limit
10kmfrom 12 years
21,1kmfrom 15 years
42,2kmfrom 18 years
Age and class is decided depending on the year you are born, not your birthday.


Ishavskraft Marathon, male/female:

Age in years

Polar Night Half marathon, male/female:

Age in years

Coop Mila (10km), menn/ kvinner:

Ages in years

Note: Your class is calculated after your year of birth, not date of birth. If you turn 18 years the year the race is held, you can compete.

Registered, but can’t compete?

Your registration is personal and binding. By registering for the race you accept our terms & conditions, and we do not refund nor change names on fulfilled registrations. Runners who participate with someone else’s startnumber will be disqualified.

Until 21 days before race day you can transfer your registration to the next year. After this, you can only transfer your registration due to injury/illness. Send us an email ( together with a medical certificate from your doctor/physician stating that you are unable to attend.  (NB! We charge a fee of 100,- NOK to move your registration) 

On race day

Bag storage

Bag storage for runners of the marathon, half marathon and 10km distance is available at the Kulturhuset from 14:00 – 18:30. Please mark your bag with the tag from your bib number before handing it in. Please hand in your bag early to avoid queuing before the start. Bags/clothes are delivered at your own risk. We do not accept larger items of luggage.

Please do not leave bags, clothing or other items  in the starting area or elsewhere (besides designated bag storage), since such items are likely to disappear. The organizers can not be held accountable for any such loss.

Cut-off times

The maximum time for the PolarNight Halfmarathon is 3 hours.

The maximum time for the Ishavskraft Marathon is 5 hours. You will have to stop racing if you are not at the 20km mark after 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Every kilometre will be marked for the marathon and half marathon courses. The first mark is 42 km, and indicates that there are 42 km left. The next mark is 41 km and counting down to the finish.

Drink stations

Ishavskraft Marathon: Ved ca. 10 km, 20 km, 32 km og 37 km.
Polar Night Halfmarathon: At 5 km, ca 10 km, ca 16 km and after the finish line. Mørketidsmila: At 5 km and after the finish line.
Mørketidstrimmen (5km): After the finish line.

There is water and sports drink at all drink stations, and warm cordial at the finish line.


Toilets can be found at the start and finish line in town. There is no toilets out on the course.

Clothes and shoe recommendations

The temperature can vary greatly in January and we advise you check or for an updated weather forecast as the race approaches. In general the temperature is between 5 plus degrees and 15 minus degrees and often around 0.
These are our clothing and shoe recommendations based on the temperatures and conditions. Please note these are based on local runners used to the weather, and if you are coming straight from a warm climate you may need to layer up more. These recommendations are if you are running at medium- high intensity, please note that running at lower intensities will require more clothes.

0 – 5 degrees:
Tights, wool socks, long sleeve technical shirt, wind jacket, buff, gloves, headband/beanie
0 – -10 degrees:
Tights, wool socks, wool underwear, long sleeve wool shirt, vest or singlet, wind jacket, buff, mittens, headband/beanie
-10 degrees +:
Tights (some like a technical or wool layer underneath), wool socks, wool underwear, long sleeve wool shirt, vest or singlet, thin technical fleece (if very cold or lots of wind), wind jacket, buff, gloves mittens, headband

The most challenging conditions. We will put sand on the ground, but if it is warm and icy we recommend running with spiked shoes or with studs or chains.

Dry snow:
Great conditions. Trail shoes work really well in these conditions, otherwise road shoes with a more grippy sole work well.

Dry asphalt:
It happened in 2019! Grab your alpha flys!

After race day

Prizes and medals

All who compete and complete will recieve a medal after the finish.

Prizes will be awarded to the 3 best participants in each class of the Marathon, half marathon and 10km.

The prize ceremony is arranged at Scandic Ishavshotell at 7.30pm.


We have a photographer working for us during the race and these photos will be published on our Facebook-page a few days after the race.  Please note that we do not guarantee that we have a photo of each runner, as the photographer will take photos from both the course and at the finishline.

If come they will take photos of all runners at the finish line and these photos can be purchased direct from them

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