FAQ Midnight Sun Marathon

Before the race

Registration fee

Prices increase the closer we get to the event. Sign up as early as possible.

DistanceEntry FeeFrom 01.02.2024From 01.05.2024From 01.06.2024
MarathonNOK 950,-NOK 1040,-NOK 1145,-NOK 1200,-
Mizuno HalvmarathonNOK 655,-NOK 730,-NOK 835,-NOK 885,-
Coop MilaNOK 575,-NOK 600,-NOK 650,-NOK 700,-
Coop Mila (Coop Norway member)NOK 460,-NOK 480,-NOK 520,-NOK 560,-
iTromsø Minimarathon adultNOK 410,-NOK 440,-NOK 490,-
iTromsø Minimarathon adult (Coop Norway member)NOK 328,-NOK 352,-NOK 392,-
iTromsø Minimarathon under 16 yearsNOK 300,-NOK 340,-NOK 390,-
iTromsø Minimarathon under 16 years (Coop Norway member)NOK 240,-NOK 272,-NOK 312,-
Childrens raceNOK 100,-NOK 150,-NOK 200,-
Priser 2024

Bib collection, help desk and MSM shop

All of the above can be found in Rødbanken in the senter of Tromsø.

Opening hours

Friday 14:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00-02:00
Sunday    10:00-13:00

Bib collection

Friday     14:00-20:00
Saturday     10:00- ca 30 minutter før start
Please take your ID and the confirmation email you will be sent ca. 2 weeks before the race.

Help desk

Friday 14:00-20:00
Saturday     10:00-02:00


Here we sell our official MSM collection producsed by our partner Trimtex. You can pick up pre-ordered clothes here.

Friday     14:00-20:00
Saturday     10:00-22:00

Age limits and classes

Age limits

Age limits
Childrens race0-11 years
4,2km No age limit
10kmfrom 12 years
21,1kmfrom 15 years
42,2kmfrom 18 years
Age and class is decided depending on the year you are born, not your birthday

Classes Midnight Sun Marathon

Marathon, male/female:

Age in years

Mizuno Half marathon, male/female:

Age in years

Coop Mila (10km), male/female

Age in years

MSM Mini marathon (4,2km):
Children 0-11 years, everyone in one class. Males/females, 12-14 years, 15-17years, 18 years and over.

Barnas Maraton:
Everyone in one class.

Note: Your class is calculated after your year of birth, not date of birth. If you turn 18 years the year the race is held, you can compete.

Registered, but can’t compete?

Your registration is personal and binding. By registering for the race you accept our terms & conditions, and we do not refund nor change names on fulfilled registrations. Runners who participate with someone else’s startnumber will be disqualified.

Until 21 days before race day you can transfer your registration to the next year. After this, you can only transfer your registration due to injury/illness. Send us an email (info@msm.no) together with a medical certificate from your doctor/physician stating that you are unable to attend.  (NB! We charge a fee of 100,- NOK to move your registration) 

On Race day

Baggage Storage

Opening hours bag storage: 17:30 – 02:30

Bag storage for runners of the marathon, half marathon and 10km distance is available at the Kulturhuset. Please mark your bag with the tag from your bib number before handing it in. Please hand in your bag early to avoid queuing before the start. Bags/clothes are delivered at your own risk. We do not accept larger items of luggage.

Please do not leave bags, clothing or other items  in the starting area or elsewhere (besides designated bag storage), since such items are likely to disappear. The organizers can not be held accountable for any such loss.


We have showers available at Gyllenborg Skole.

Dropping out and medical help

Tromsø Red Cross have medical stations about every 5 kilometres. If you have to drop out of the race, please contact our race marshals and give them your start number. If needed we will provide medical attention and transportation to the finishing area.

All runners are responsible for their own medical health and safety, and participate at their own risk.

Drink stations

There are beverage stations approximately every 5 km’s during the race where you get served water, Maxim sportsdrink and bananas. There is also a beverage station at the finish. It is not possible to receive help from outside the race or place food/drinks along the course.


Toilets are available close to most of the beverage stations. Toilets are also available in the start- and finish-area.

Time limits and course marking

Marathon: 5 hours and 30 minutes
Mizuno Halvmaraton: 3 hours and 30 minutes

The finish line closes at 02:00.

Every kilometre will be marked for the marathon and half marathon courses. The first mark is 42 km, and indicates that there are 42 km left. The next mark is 41 km and counting down to the finish.


Everyone who finishes the race (all the distances) will receive a medal.

Prizes will be awarded to the 3 best participants in each class of the Marathon, Mizuno Halfmarathon and Coop Mila (10km) race.


Price money will be awarded to the top 3 male and female Marathon runners whose finishing times are under 2.55.00 (women) and 2.30.00 (men).

No. 1 NOK 30 000
No. 2 NOK 15 000
No. 3 NOK 10 000

A bonus of NOK 5 000 will be given for new marathon course record.

iTromsø Mini marathon

For MSM Mini-Marathon prizes are drawn. The award ceremony is right after the race at the finish line.

Childrens race

For the Kids Marathon everyone will get a medal. Additionally, a prize for best costumes will be drawn.

After race day


Results from race day are posted here.

Prize ceremony

The award ceremony for Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon and the Coop Mila (10km) Race will be held Sunday at 13:00. Unclaimed prizes will not be forwarded.

Prize ceremony for the iTromsø Mini marathon is at the main square after the race around 19:05. The three best in each class over 12 years recieve prizes. There is no ranking for children 0-11 years.

The awards for the Childrens marathon will be directly after the race at the finish line.

Prizes that aren’t collected will not be sent.

Photos from MSM

We have a photographer working for us during the race and these photos will be published on our Facebook-page a few days after the race.  Please note that we do not guarantee that we have a photo of each runner, as the photographer will take photos from both the course and at the finishline.

If Marathon-photos.com come they will take photos of all runners at the finish line and these photos can be purchased direct from them